About Young Ocean Inc.

Established on Jan 16th, 1998, Young Ocean has been building firm relationship with most of the leading producers of Alaskan seafoods. From Salmon to fish roe products, Young Ocean has been striving to offer its clients many variety of high quality seafood from Alaska. In this global market with ever growing demand for high quality seafood, Young Ocean has strategically positioned itself to reach the global market.

Currently, domestic wholesale and international trading are Young Ocean’s major focus and both divisions have been growing very rapidly with the growth of global demand from Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and China. What makes Young Ocean a successful company is their highly skilled staff members who are dedicated, selfless, humble, and mostly bilingual in various Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Young Ocean is also very active in providing seafood, and dry goods to local supermarkets, restaurants, and many food outlets.

Kevin Chae, President

Kevin Chae has been involved in the seafood industry for over 30 years. Kevin has spent over 20 years with Mitsubishi Corp. and SK Global offices in Seoul, Tokyo, and Seattle. Being an entrepreneur, and a veteran of the industry, Kevin decided to strike out on his own with goals of providing higher quality products and services to his clients. Throughout his career, he placed most emphasis on satisfying his customers and the well being of his employees. Thirty years later and after thousands of satisfied clients, Kevin and his team of dedicated individuals are now finally ready for the global market.

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